Predicting Danish Soccer Team Performance in Russia 2018 Using Bayesian Networks

Date: 14 June 2018
Model: Hans Jørgen Henriksen, GEUS
WWW: Anders L Madsen, HUGIN

Denmark has good chances to qualify for the round of 16 match after Group C matches at World Cup in football in Russia 2018. Should Denmark qualify to the round of 16, the probability of meeting Argentina is high, and chances for qualifying for quarter finals only 25 %.

Denmark has only a 1 % chance of winning the World Cup when the tournament starts, so Denmark has to hit that little spot.

However, when evidence starts to be produced, after match results become known, probabilities will be updated. You can also analyze updated chances with given specific results.

Press one of the green bars to fix the value of a variable. Press it again to remove the value or press the Reset button to remove all evidence.

Qualifying Round

Round of 16

Round of 8


World Cup Finals